Blogging, The Return... / by Steve Hawkins

Back in 2016 I used to blog daily. Admittedly it was part of the challenge I was completing so, no matter the bullshite if I could think up about the shot I’d taken that day, it got blogged.

By the end I was pretty much blogged out. I tried to carry on but, the photos were still being taken but I was, and still am, going for the much easier “like” hit of Instagram with a ton of hashtags and the instant endorphin rush of the little red one on my phone.

As time’s gone on and I’ve developed myself and my photography and now got myself a nice shiny new Square Space website with blogging capabilities I feel the need to do that little bit more. Which no doubt will include a shed load of writers block and massive dose of spell checker. But, on the plus side, I’m not constrained. Yes, I’ll be blogging about my photography and the photography world in general but there will be other stuff.

I’m not expecting a mass of followers but that’s the thing, this is me, doing it for me. I’m no longer Mr Meseeks! (If you’re cool you’ll know)

And, to get me started,

It’s Turtles’ All The Way Down…

Blata il-Bajda, Malta

It's Turtles' All The Way Down...