Out Of Office is currently on and I don't care... / by Steve Hawkins

At this current moment I’m sitting in the lounge of a villa in Marsaskala, Malta. Heading into the back end of the holiday. The day’s been changeable so we’ve decided to have a “veg” day. Sandie and Kayleigh are sat downstairs watching Bruce Almighty. Reece is sat behind me binge listening to We Are Bob, The Bobiverse. He’s currently working his way through Book Two so supplying a great sound track for me to write to.

And, there it is, the essence of holiday for our family. Yes, it’s nice to get out and about. And we have been every single day so far, but it’s also great just to relax. Spending some me time in a Us environment. Wonderful.

I’m also going to spend a bit of time sifting through the images I’ve got to date. I’ve already edited a few, see my instagram or Twitter feed, but the laptop I’m using to edit while we’re away doesn’t have a calibrated screen which has been a bit of a bug and explains some of the mistakes.

I’ll admit, I’m a lazy editor. Very often it’s Slide those sliders, tick these boxes, crop to 16:9 and… Done. Which is great on my PC at home but here, when I send from the laptop to Google Photos for posting and then open on my phone it’s, “What the actual funk?” Not good! I’ve worked out it’s colour temp, brightness, contrast and the gamma this screen (it’s a shiny screen) is dire… So, that’s pretty much everything. I have tweaked the best I can. Which in tech terms means I’ve use the built in calibration software and it’s not as bad now so, that’ll do… Like I said, lazy! I did find another work around that produced some, in my mind, great results. Edit in black and white, and voilà!

Yeah, right, I love shooting in colour and to do that in Malta would be to do Malta an injustice. So, to battle on with what I’ve got. In the meantime. A few images that I’ve got and edited to date: